Monday, 8 April 2013

Tane and the 3 Kete of knowledge

The 3 Kete  of knowledge
Long ago Tane and his people lived on mother nature. They did not know how to do anything not, eat,drink, plant gardens, build houses and they didn't even know how to be nice to each other.

Tane looked down at his people in horror, They looked disgusting[a] they were extremely skinny and unhealthy.

Tane decided that he was going to get the 3 Kete of knowledge. Tane saw his horrible brother Whiro. Tane told Whiro about his people. “My people, they look awful they are very skinny and unhealthy.” Tane said. Tane also told Whiro about how he was going to get the three kete.“No.” Said Whiro. I should because I am the oldest.” “Well I came up with the idea.” Yelled Tane. They had a huge argument. Then Tane decided to just go.

He had a talk to his brother Tawhirimatea. He asked Tawhirimatea to help him. With a smile on his face he said,”Yes.” Tawhirimatea helped Tane get to the over worlds. Surprisingly Whiro got all the Bats, Mosquitoes, Owls, and Fleas to attack Tane," Help." Shouted Tane calling to Twaramatia. Twaramatia blew the bugs and bats away. Whiro did that again. Tane was very annoyed and angrier than ever.

Finally he arrived and there waiting was the God of kindness. He gave Tane the 3 kete. After a hard journey to the over worlds Tane and Twaramatia got back. Tane gave his people the kete.

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  1. Well done Georgia you have retold an excellent version of Tane and the Three Kete. I like how you experimented with vocabulary like "disgusting" and "with a smile on his face". They really added to the story.

    You have excellent control over using punctuation like speech marks, commas, Capital letters and fullstops, well done!

    It would have been good to have more detail at the end: what happened when Tane gave the kete to his people? What happened to the bats, bees and mosquitos?