Sunday, 23 February 2014

$100 Dollar Word Challenge

The $100 dollar word challenge is a Maths problem basically.  You have to try some words and using the picture bellow you have to see how much it equals. You also have to find how much your name is worth, What is the most expensive word you can find and what is the least expensive word you can find.

Finally finished

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1st Draft

2nd Draft
 This is showing that I tried a lot and only One was right       After a lot of try's I finally got a word.

The $100 word is Colours!!! 
My Name Is Worth $52
The least expensive country I found was Cuba, it was worth $27
The most expensive country I found was Afghanistan, It was $100 Too!!!

You guys should try the $100 word challenge too. Don't copy this word there is heaps so you can find your own

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