Wednesday, 3 September 2014


WALT entertain 

Task to write recount of based on a Noughty experience.

 We sneek into the creative room like robbers. Nah,Honestly we just casually walked in. Anyway, " Hurry Up." I squeak. I opened the door to see Ella snatch the scissors. I checked to see if anyone was coming. " Huh." I breath. " What, Who's there?" Ella Says. "No, No ones there. I'm just kidding." She gave me a pair of scissors, That's were it all started...

" I'll cut your hair first." I say. Noise insists me to make a loud noise, it's flowing throughout my body like blood.

I grabbed a bit of her hair. Snip, Trim, Plop. Her hair's as bumpy as a messed up zig-zag. That's no hairdressing job for me. " Uh, Thanks." She mumbled while feeling how bumpy her hair is. She is NOT happy! I can see it in her face.

"Now it's your turn to cut." I struggle to say. Time passed, Very quick. This isn't normal to be doing this? I'm thinking. My hair feels short, Short like I'm bold. I'm, NOT happy.On the bright side, My hairs is straighter than hers. But it's over now and it's too late. Don't people say " It's never to late?" Yeah well don't believe them it's a lie.

Right, Where was I? Oh yes... It was done, We were out of the room. Finally. It's home time now and so far so good! No one has spotted or noticed anything.Well that was until we got home of course. Mums looks at me straight in the eye. " Who cut your hair?" She says while examining my hair. " Ella." I quickly talk back. Just as I say that Kim ( Ella's Mum) calls. They're coming around. Uh Oh. 10 minutes later... The doors creek like its a door to the end of the world.

What's Kim going to say to me? " You wicked, Worthless, Evil girl?" All she says is... " Right girls, let's go." All I can hear is the doors slamming & the seat belts clicking. Make it click.
Were are we going? I wonder. The hairdresser great. " Mum I don't want to!" "
Well you HAVE too."
As If. I think defiantly not say. I can't even imagine how bad the consequence would be? I wish I never cut my hair!

Well, It was Ella's idea. Maybe, No. Fine it was my idea. But that's the last I ever let anyone cut my hair again!

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  1. Ooo! I hear lots of stories of 4-year olds cutting hair... Very funny. And naughty! Well done for using some good similes, though you could change one of them to a metaphor so you have a range of these. You need to now carefully fix up your spelling errors.