Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hiwi The Kiwi

Hey You, Yes You! Listen Up. Did you know nearly 88% of New Zealanders eat fish almost every month? Well, Yes it is healthy so it's a good thing. But ( Yes It's wow there's a bad *But to this story)  What if I told you fish could be extinct by the time your grandchildren are born. WOW! It's because people have been braking  the law/ Fishing Rules & it is unfair isn't it. So if you want to know the rules than keep reading to find out...

Fish N Chips are a New Zealand food, right?  Imagine if it was just Chips, No fish just boring old yum chips. What would we New Zealanders be known for? The country with no fish. Terrible wouldn't it!

So here are the most important rules for fishers. Remember always put the to big and the to small fish back! You ask why? Well I will tell you why. The small fish need to grow because they will never be able to live there life or have babies for us to eat when they grow.  Not Good. Are you wondering about the big fish? I could sing you a song about why but, I'm not in the mood. Anyway you put the biggies back because they, could, have, babies & you wouldn't want to break  both fishing laws would you? Also you would be a piggies eating that much would. Aye?

Also, when your fishing you need a wet towel & when I say need I mean NEED! Imagine if you picked up a fish & it was under size. You would make its protection scales fall off. So that's why you NEED a wet towel. Oh I almost forgot, Make sure you have salt water to keep it fresh. Never use normal water on a salt water fish!

Now that you know couple of fishing rules. If you ever see someone doing the wrong thing, tell them off! Oh and don't worry I will be there too with my new fishing rod as soon as I win it. I can help you tell everyone the fishing rules.  

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  1. Great writing Georgia! You have written a very persuasive text about fishing for the future. Great job!