Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Sugar Writing

WALT: Inform 


Do you have sugar in your coffee every morning? How many teaspoons do you have? To many? Well that's not good. It's even worse when your kids are having to much sugar. Sugar is bad, & when I say bad I meen really bad. And when I say really bad I meen really really bad! 

Do you know how bad sugar is? Sugar is what puts holes in your teeth, Which is later to be treated by being pulled out. How would  you feel if you were a 2 or 3 year old that had false teeth because your parents fed you too much junk food. 

You do not know how much sugar is in food & drinks until you see it being made. Trust me you do not want to see it either! Here's an example, Baked Beans. Do you eat baked beans? Good, who doesn't. Would you think baked beans has sugar in it? No, didn't thinks so. Well guess what. It has heaps of sugar in it! A typical serving has about 15g of sugar. That's terrible isn't it. Are you scared of eating baked beans now? 

Well don't worry sugar is in almost everything. Tomato sauce has heaps of sugar as well and everyone loves tomato sauce for like hot chips and stuff. Has this writing got you thinking about what you have been eating? Well to find out what is in your food just look at the back and it will say ingredients. Then find what you want to know in that column. Did you know that sugar is killing thousands of people a day & by the looks of how much sugar is in all our food you might be one if those people too when your older.

 But don't worry, If you only eat about 1 un healthy food a day that's small you will be fine but just make sure you stay healthy and don't eat much sugar! Make sure you don't feed your kids much sugar either because if they have too much they will need to get their teeth pulled out and kids can't handle having teeth pulled out unless their really tough. Remember, Make sure you don't have too much sugar.

This story was bought to you by, Georgia O.

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  1. An excellent piece of writing Georgia! You have planned it out well and used paragraphs to break up your different points. Did you watch the Nigel Latta documentary about sugar did you? Did it inspire to write about this?