Thursday, 16 May 2013

Taste Buds Writing

Different taste buds identify different types of food

Yesterday in class we did a little experiment about your taste buds 

If your wandering what taste buds are they are tiny little pink things on your tongue that make your tongue.Did you know that there are about 10,000 taste buds on your tongue?

First we tried a peace of cheese, They were chopped up in to little cubes so that everyone would get one. Kendall ( Teacher ) went around and everyone grabbed a peace of cheese. Oliver did’t know that you weren't siposed to eat it when you first got it so Kendal gave him another one. When Kendal let us eat it I put it in my mouth and rolled it around. Firstly I tASTED IT ON MY SWEET THEN WHEN I swallowed it it tasted like it was on the bitterer part of my tongue.

After  that we had a salty cracker, It was a hexagon shaped cracker. I then put it in my mouth and it tasted salty for me. But when I swallowed it it tasted sweet.

Thirdly we had some lemon-juice.
Everyone lined up and Kendall put a little bit of lemon juice on the palm of my hand. I tried  a IT of it without liking it. 

Last but least yuck the honey. 
I absolutely hate honey but I had to have a bit on my finger. Me, Aroha & maia all dislike honey so Kendall said,” Come on girls we will all try it on three.” When she got to three none of us had tried it but her. In the end we ended up washing our hands to get it of.

When we finished being scientists my favourite food over all was the............ Cracker.

The End

By Georgia

Taste Buds
These are the parts of your tongue that taste the foods your eating.  A receptor is a thing that sends the taste of your food to the brain. Here is an example: You might be eating a Lollie and your taste buds go thats sweet it sends the knowledge to your brain.

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  1. Well done Georgia! You are such a clever writer! You have included diagrams, an introduction, a definition and a description of the parts. You have explained the process and included topic based language - great job!

    Next time try to include a summary.