Monday, 23 September 2013

Water Colours

 MondMonday 24th

The Water Colour Makers.
W.A.L.T: Observe like scientist.

I stared at the round white circle wondering how I was going to make that. All of a sudden I found a interesting pattern. For some strange reason there were bumpy crackly  peaces on the inside. I noticed it had some tiny circles on the top like the chalk we observed in See Think Wonder. The water colour had some unfamiliar cracks.

The liquid turns into a solid over night!!! The solid turns back into a liquid because you are supposed to put water it so it turns into a WATER colour. The water evaporates  and it turns back into a solid. The white colours  do not work white paper like someone trying to carry water in a bucket with holes in it.

We had to research it so we would happily be able
to A+ it. We wrote down what everyone was going to bring. “Ok You bring that you bring this you bring this and I will bring that, Ok? I thought it was going to work,  But nope it failed. ,MASSIVELY!!! One of the weird ingredients was honey. What would that do to it? It may have failed but that doesn't mean you cant use it.  

There went many colours but I used them anyway. I started to copy  my other art. My paint brush briskly ran a line down the page. It looked a bit colourless so I went over it. My class went to the library to  calmly work so I went back to class so I could finish.  I think that next time we should use a lot less vinegar.

By Georgia

The Science of Art Assessment
NOS Matrix - Level 1 - Investigating in Science - Carry out science investigations using a variety of approaches: classifying and identifying, pattern seeking, exploring, investigating models, fair testing, making things, or developing systems.
NOS Capabilities:  
- making meaning from observations
- using evidence to support ideas
- critique evidence

Self Assessment - Check through all your Science of Art Learning for the term.
Success Criteria: I can
Peer Assessment - Please check through all of their Science of Art Learning for the term.
Name: MonaJh
  • Describe someobservations L2
  • Ask questions L1
  • Predict possible outcomes L2
  • Carry out simple observations and records relevant data L2
  • Reach conclusions tosimple investigations L2
  • Suggest simple improvements to investigations L2
  • Talk freely about ideas and aspects L1
  • Comment: I think I should have asked more questions.

Overall, how well do you think your talking partner has done?

Comment:  Wow Georgia AMAZING I like how you added interesting words and similes it sounds really GREAT LOVE IT!



  1. Well done Georgia I love the way, you used the different colours and used descriptive words. Next time I think you should work on not adding every single detail of the day we did this.

  2. Wow Georgia i liked how you used diffrent colors with the writing and you used a lot of interesting and descriptive words amazing Georgia
    I think you need to work on maybe not too much detail but anywayz well done :P