Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maths Sample

Description:  Our focus is to use different multiplication strategies to figure out three digit multiplication questions faster.  

Process:  At the moment we are focusing on the place value strategy.  To start with, our maths group worked together to learn the strategy.  Then we had a go by ourselves trying to use the strategy for each problem.  We shared our answers back with the group to discuss what the answers were.  

Learning: I learnt how to use place value even though I already knew but I had forgotten. Place Value is really easy once you get the hang of it.

WALT: Use place value to solve multiplation 

Self Assesment: I did well at explaining & I now know how to use this for other Maths problems.

Buddy Assesment:I think Georgia did an awesome job of explaining how to do the strategy. For further steps I think you can work on planning your work before just going out there and starting. Aroha :P

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  1. Thanks Georgia! This is a very easy to understand video which shows your understanding of the place value strategy. Hopefully you won't forget about this strategy in the future!