Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Pippa Is in a award position were her so called friends & telling her If she wants to be friends with them then she has to snatch something.  " What should I grab?" Pippa sadly thinks. Pippa is a nice girl but she is desperately in need of friends. Lip gloss is small, Even though she doesn't like lip gloss especially cherry flavour.  It's a good size to slip into her hand. If the other girls can do it Pippa can do it. She gazes to see if anyone is watching. She walks out really scared but " Don't look scared!" She thinks to her self. The girls are not there. Pippa has been used. She is not the best at choosing friends. The shop keeper has caught her. She ashamedly walks back inside. " I think she stole the lipgloss?" The grumpy women said

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