Monday, 25 August 2014

The Final Chance

Purpose: To share our experiences about a time we felt nervous, exhausted or angry.

WALT: Entertain (recount)

Task: To write a recount based on an experience.

The room was drowsy like everyone was tongue tied. The music started then glitched out. I was last to compete. I can hear my friends voices cheering me on. I can't turn to look, I have to concentrate. The music restarted and I was NOT confident! " Go Georgia." I can hear. A little smirk appears on my face just as the music starts.

I finish my flick flacks and I am facing mum. She is recording. She stops recording and all I hear is the music and the light whispers fading away. I feel sweaty but I'm not sweaty I'm just nervous. Smile, I say to myself. I'm finally lost in the music. I feel upbeat. I feel brave. I feel hot, I'm frying like a pan! Is it me or is it boiling in here? No of course it isn't me. Oh and I know I'm doing dreadful! Right now, I'm doing my last dance before the music ends.

I  present to the judges with a BIG smile on my face. As soon as I turn that all changed. Tears come bursting out like a firework. Could I feel any worse after my terrible floor. My score comes out and I gaze up like a shining star. My mouth opens & I see mum calculate my score but I see no signs of fail or pass. She lip sinks 50! Yay I'm going to step 5!

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  1. Well done!! Like the way that I can picture you in my head